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(здесь должно было бы быть непр. слово).

ЕС препятствует готовить уток по-пекински. Радетелям не понравился традиционный духовой шкаф.

EU bans Peking Duck forcing council snoopers to shut down restaurant ovens in Chinatown


A council spokesman said: 'If the restaurants want to continue cooking ducks in the traditional manner they will need to get new ovens which will comply with EU standards by having CE marking.

'We are absolutely not picking on the Chinese community. This is an issue with any kind of ethnic type of food where they may well be using catering equipment imported from outside the EU.

'We are not aware of a single injury or accident involving these duck ovens but now we are aware of this issue we want to prevent any accidents happening.'


(здесь тоже должно было бы быть непр. слово).

оцифровка видеокассет

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